Puhas tuoksu saa ihmisen pelaamaan reilusti

Puhdas tuoksu saa ihmisessä parhaat puolet esiin, tehden ihmisen anteliaammaksi ja rehellisemmäksi. Nyt tilaamaan ilmanraikastimia työpaikoille!
The volunteers were all told that they had been randomly chosen as receivers. Their anonymous partner had invested their entire $4 pot with them, which had been tripled to $12. Their job was to decide how much to give back. On average, they returned a measly $2.81in the unscented rooms but a more equitable $5.33 in the scented ones. The single spray of citrus nearly doubled their tendency to reciprocate. In a second experiment, the trio again ushered 99 students into either a scented or unscented room. They were given a pack of miscellaneous tasks, including a flyer requesting volunteers for a charity called Habitat for Humanity. Those in the citrus-scented rooms were more likely to be interested in volunteering, and almost four times more willing to donate money to the cause."
Clean smells promote generosity and fair play; dark rooms and sunglasses promote deceit and selfishness : Not Exactly Rocket Science.