Työntekijä aloittaa motivoituneena, mutta sehän on pian korjattu

Harvard Business School kertoo kuinka johtaminen, tai tarkemmin, tietyt johtamistavat vaikuttavat negatiivisesti työntekijöiden motivaatioon.
Most companies have it all wrong. They don't have to motivate their employees. They have to stop demotivating them. The great majority of employees are quite enthusiastic when they start a new job. But in about 85 percent of companies, our research finds, employees' morale sharply declines after their first six months—and continues to deteriorate for years afterward. That finding is based on surveys of about 1.2 million employees at 52 primarily Fortune 1000 companies from 2001 through 2004, conducted by Sirota Survey Intelligence (Purchase, New York). The fault lies squarely at the feet of management—both the policies and procedures companies employ in managing their workforces and in the relationships that individual managers establish with their direct reports."
Why Your Employees Are Losing Motivation - HBS Working Knowledge.