Kritiikkiä kehumalla

Työtoverisi ja alaisesi kehuvat kovasti? Ja olet itse asiassa itsekin aivan samma mieltä? Hieno homma, mutta muista kuunnella myös sanojen taakse.
Have you ever been told by someone that you’re “enthusiastic”? They may be telling you you’re too volatile. Or perhaps someone told you they admired your "confidence"? Perhaps a bit of arrogance has seeped out as well. Unfortunately, sensitive behavioral feedback is often disguised as positive traits gone bad. That's why reading between the lines of performance reviews or references is such an art. My favorite has always been "has very high standards of others". Translation: "is always ticked off about coworkers".
Great Leadership: Beware of the Dark Side of Leadership: 11 Tragic Flaw Behaviors.