12 asiaa, joihin hyvät johtajat uskovat

Kaikki uskomme johonkin. Bob Sutton on eritellyt asiat, joihin hyvänä pidetyt johtajat uskovat, ja jotka jäävät heikommilta johtajilta huomiotta.
At the same time, I've come to conclude that all the technique and behavior coaching in the world won't make a boss great if that boss doesn't also have a certain mindset. My readings of peer-reviewed studies, plus my more idiosyncratic experience studying and consulting to managers in many settings, have led me identify some key beliefs that are held by the best bosses — and rejected, or more often simply never even thought about, by the worst bosses. Here they are, presented as a neat dozen:"
12 Things Good Bosses Believe - Bob Sutton - Harvard Business Review.