Logistiikan johtaminen

Strateginen johtaminen on hygieniatekijä

Strategia on amatöörien puuhastelua, kun taas logistiikka vaatii ammattilaisen?

“It could be that strategy is very important to the success of firms, but it does not explain differences among firms in an industry because following the right strategy is required to stay alive and that executing strategy explains the differences in performance among living firms.  In other words, all the firms that followed the wrong strategy are dead”

Strategy Is For Amateurs, Logistics Are For Professionals – Bob Sutton.

Toimitusketjut kuntoon ennen seuraavaa nousua

Toimitusketjut ovat taantuman seurauksena joutuneet johdon suurennuslasin alle, toteaa David Blanchard. Oletko valmis nousukauteen?

Huomiot jenkkilästä voivat olla hyödyllisiä myös suomalaisen logistiikan johtamisessa.

Wilson advises companies to be proactive, not reactive, as the economy slowly recovers. “Analyze your supply chains,” she says, “reexamine your supply chain partners and risks associated with them, increase productivity and add new technology. Prepare your company for recovery — are your suppliers or carriers still in business? Lock in capacity with guarantees before it becomes scarce.”

via IndustryWeek : Logistics On a Bumpy Road to Recovery.