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Kuuden hatun ideariihi

Hatun voi laittaa päähän myös konkreettisesti, mutta pääajatuksena on ohjata ajatusprosessia hallitusti eteenpäin.

“Six Thinking Hats is a thinking methodology based on the premise that the human brain thinks and processes information in six distinct ways: via questions, emotions, bad and good points judgment, creativity, and thinking (or more accurately, meta-thinking).”

via Boost Your Brainstorming with the Six Thinking Hats Method.

Ideariihen kymmenen käskyä

Forbes.comissa brainstormin kymmenen tärkeintä ohjenuoraa:

“Print out a copy of these rules and tape them to the wall before any brainstorming session. I’d also suggest you bring a bell, kazoo, drum or other noisemaker to the session. Every time someone breaks one of the commandments, ring the bell or beat the drum. Make your whole team responsible for enforcing the rules and holding everyone else accountable. Think of the rules as non-negotiable and make sure everyone on your team agrees to them before any idea generation begins.”

via The 10 Commandments Of Brainstorming – Forbes.com.