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Karisma — Siinä voi kehittyä

“The theory?   Charisma CAN be taught – to a degree.   About 90% of it, in my view, is obtainable through experience, self-awareness, observation, confidence, good grooming and appearance, intelligence,  a good command of the language, and (maybe most importantly), a unwavering belief that you have it.

(Yes, if you’re thinking, “you mean even just acting like I have charisma”, you are correct)

The other 10% is a gift.   A wonderful, special gift, much like artistic, athletic, or musical ones that put those lucky enough to have it a notch ahead of the rest of us at the starting gate.

But the real question is – if we don’t have the 10%, can we still get to leadership greatness with the 90%, or even less than that?

Oh yes we can.”

Can Charisma Be Taught? The 90% Theory | TerryStarbucker.com.