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Haluatko olla kaiken keskipisteenä? Piirrä se

Arto Joensuu esittelee minä-mindmapin.

“In today’s hectic living environment, we get squeezed with constant deadlines, action items, duties and commitments. Years seem to go by and we often don’t take the needed time to reflect what it really is we want from life. We daydream about winning the lottery, we make promises on new year’s eve about starting from a clean sheet of paper and being better human beings. Then we go back into the same rabbit hole we came from. Daydreaming and sporadic new years resolutions are not about personal development. Personal development is a mindset and a series of ongoing behaviors that yield positive results over time.”

The ME mindmap – Working in Digital

Ajattomat ohjeet hänelle, joka johtajaksi halajaa

Nykymainonnan isä, Albert Lasker, antaa tyttärelleen mainioita ohjeita liittyen johtajuuteen.

“My darling Mary,

Welcome to Lord & Thomas. I hope we have a long business association together—if we do, we will both get much joy from it.

Both as father and employer I give you this advice—try to learn from everyone (high and low), try to be of service to everyone (high and low). He finally leads who first learns to serve. And remember—we spend our lives learning. Above all, be yourself—your best self. Always think of the other fellow’s viewpoint and try to get him to think of yours. Learn to walk before you run. Believe in yourself—and believing, strive to learn every day and grow creatively every minute so that you will justify your belief.

All my love,

Leading Blog: A Leadership Blog: Timeless Advice from a Father to a Daughter.

Missä sparraus auttaa, missä ei?

Johdon työnohjaus/sparraus on eittämättä tehokas keino nopeuttaa omaa kasvua ihmisenä ja johtajana, mutta kaiken kattava viisastenkivi se ei ole.

Tunnista omat odotuksesi ja tiedosta mikä on mahdollista.

Since I’ve been coaching executive leaders for the past 10 years, the article got me thinking about what prospective clients should and shouldn’t expect from their coach.  Here are three things I would put on each of those lists:

Three Things You Should and Shouldn’t Expect From Your Coach – Next Level Blog.