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Näin luot strategian johtamisen kehittämiselle

Johtamisen kehittäminen on helpompaa toimivan frameworkin avulla.

Have you been asked to create a leadership development strategy? Or is it about time you had one, even without being asked? Don’t panic, it’s a great opportunity, and it can be done!

Although every organization will have it’s own nuances, the following general framework has always served me well.

via Great Leadership: How to Create a Leadership Development Strategy.

100 linkkiä henkilökohtaisen kehityksen polulle

Listaus sisältää vinkkejä oman kutsumuksen löytämiseen, terveyden ylläpitoon, työntekoon, ihmissuhteisiin ja muihin.

Here you’ll find blog posts that are all about finding your passion in life, following your dreams and loving what you do.

via 100 Inspirational Blog Posts for Personal Change – Online Bible Colleges.