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10 syytä, jotka tuhoavat strategiasuunnitelmat

Uutta strategiaa on kiva suunnitella. Mutta jos tosissaan halutaan muutosta, kannattaa myös tutustua yleisimpiin sudenkuoppiin.

“Understanding the value of and need for a strategic plan is a great place to start, but just wanting something, isn’t enough. If it were, we’d all be famous actors in Hollywood. Developing a strategic plan takes discipline, foresight, and a lot of honesty. Regardless how well you prepare, you’re bound to encounter challenges along the way.

Here are 10 reasons why plans fail. Avoid these traps and you’ll be closer to your goal of implementing a strategic plan that actually achieves results and improves your business.”

10 Reasons Why Strategic Plans Fail – Forbes.

Miksi ihmiset suunnittelevat, vaan eivät toteuta?

Wally Bock selvittää taustat suunnittelun lumolle.

“Planning is all about possibilities Execution is all about accountability.

Planners analyze opportunities. Execution is deals in limitations.

Planning is intellectual fun, with no responsibilities. Execution is all about work and there’s lots of responsibility.

You can declare a victory when you produce a plan. Execution never ends.

Planning is directing what will be done. Execution is doing what the planners tell you.

It doesn’t have to be this way.”

Three Star Leadership Blog: Why people would rather plan than execute.

Strategian jalkauttaminen taktiseksi toiminnaksi

Eric D. Brown aloittaa uuden sarjan strategisen johtamisen saralla. Kuinka strategia toteutaan?

Today (and most days actually), I’m going to argue that in many cases, the top level leaders who are building these strategic plans are so far removed from the day to day operations that they’ve lost track of the real capabilities of the organization.

This lack of understanding of what can be done and who can do it leads the organization down the path of building a strategy inconsistent with the capabilities of the organization.

via Minding the gap between Strategy and Tactics.