Valta tekee pomosta kusipään

(Excuse our French.) Hyvät ja huonot johtajat lähtivät samoista lähtökohdista. Jokin teki heistä erilaisia. Ilman reilun pomon treeniä jokainen saa taudin, joka kulkee nimellä Asshole Poisoning.
Asshole poisoning as a disease that you catch from others, and I talk a lot about that in the book. It is also something that happens -- with shocking speed and intensity -- when people are put in powerful positions. My colleague at the Stanford Business School Deborah Gurenfeld and her colleagues have been studying the effects of power on human beings for over years, and the findings are clear: power turns people into selfish and insensitive jerks, who act as if the the rules that the rest of us have to follow don't apply to them."
Bob Sutton: It Isn't Just a Myth, Power Turns People Into Assholes.