Keppi vai porkkana? Onko muita vaihtoehtoja?

Kannustimia käytetään.. no, kannustamaan, mutta myös sitouttamaan. Onko muita sitouttamisen ja tiettyyn toimintaan kannustavia keinoja? Toisaalta, porkkana ja keppi toimivat. Eivät vain joka tapauksessa.
The honeymoon is over.”  These were the words of Alberto Iturra, the leader of a team of psychologists who instituted a series of prizes and punishments to change the behavior of the 33 miners trapped in Chile.  The miners have now been pulled up to safety.  But during the crisis, the psychologists used incentives to get what they wanted.  When the miners did what the psychologists wanted, they were given treats like TV and music. But if miners refused, say, to submit to daily interviews with psychologists, the psychologists would restrict the supply of cigarettes or wine."
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