Avainsana: Joseph Nye

Joseph Nye: 5 johtamisen ohjetta

Harvardin johtamisen professori Joseph Nye yhdistää uudessa kirjassaan The Powers to Lead “pehmeän voiman” ja “kovan voiman”. Molempia tarvitaan.

Leading Blog listaa kirjan viisi tärkeintä johtamisohjetta.

“5. The information revolution and democratization are causing a long-term secular shift in the context of postmodern organizations—a shift along the continuum from command to co-optive style. Network organizations require a more consultative style. While sometimes stereotyped as a feminine style, both men and women face this change and need to adapt to it. A consultative style is more costly in terms of time, but it provides more information, creates buy-in, and empowers followers.”

via Leading Blog: A Leadership Blog: 5 Leadership Lessons: Joseph Nye on Leadership.