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Mikä tekee johtajan? Auktoriteetti = johtajuus?

Johtamisopit lasten touhuista saivat entisen sotilaan varpailleen. Lapset ja johtaminen?!? Hah!

“Several days after the story posted, my article was re-tweeted on Twitter and caught the attention of a best-selling author and former Green Beret, who is also a self-described leadership practitioner and team-builder.  He re-tweeted the original message, along with his added message, ‘More leadership gurus who’ve never led.’

What Really Makes You a Leader? | Lead Change Group.

Näin luot strategian johtamisen kehittämiselle

Johtamisen kehittäminen on helpompaa toimivan frameworkin avulla.

Have you been asked to create a leadership development strategy? Or is it about time you had one, even without being asked? Don’t panic, it’s a great opportunity, and it can be done!

Although every organization will have it’s own nuances, the following general framework has always served me well.

via Great Leadership: How to Create a Leadership Development Strategy.