Avainsana: nöyryys

Sinäkin voit toimia kuten fiksut tyypit

Ole nöyrä: hyväksi asiantuntijuutesi, mutta hyväksy myös asiantuntemattomuutesi. Perusta kaikki toimintasi tälle totuudelle.

“I can of course make no authoritative claims here, but I have noticed one overarching theme among smart people: they ask questions. When someone explains something new to me, I’ll usually just nod my head like I know what they’re talking about. If I don’t understand something, I’ll just Google it later. After all, I don’t want this person to think I’m a moron. Smart people are different. If they don’t understand something, or even if they think they understand something, they’ll ask questions. “

tommy’s tenacious tumblr | What I’ve Learned About Smart People..

Johtamisen painopiste on siirtynyt

Tai oikeammin: johtamisen ydin alkaa vihdoin löytyä. Dan McCarthy listaa hyvän johtajan tärkeimmät ominaisuudet: etiikka, rehellisyys, nöyryys, jne.

“Until very recently the major skills most companies focused on in their leaders were things like vision, strategic thinking, decisiveness, execution, drive, and accountability for results. And while these things still remain important, it is obvious that the pendulum has swung from a focus almost purely on maximizing ROI to highly ethical behavior that still delivers the numbers.”

via Great Leadership: The Global Leader of the Future.