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Warren Buffet ja johtamisen taito

Financial Timesin Andrew Hill paikantaa Warren Buffetin johtamistyylin vahvuuksia ja heikkouksia.

“I once wrote a column headlined “Buffett deserves his D-grade”. It prompted a one-line e-mail from Jim Cramer, the CNBC investment pundit: “You have cojones.”

via FT.com / Columnists / Andrew Hill – Buffett’s exceptional style of leadership.

Warren Buffet ja rakkaus työhön

Rakastatko sinä työtäsi? Kuinka se näkyy?

“In a video interview posted on The Motley Fool, Warren Buffett talked about how he goes about finding and buying great companies run by great CEOs:

“I look into their eyes and try to figure out whether they love the money, or if they love the business…if they don’t love the business, I can’t put that [money] into it.”

Love and Warren Buffet — Steve Farber.

Jos Warren Buffett ja Ben Stein lounastaisivat…

… tulisi keskustelu julkaistuksi myös netissä, toisen kirjoittamana.

“This, however, said Buffett, was not a reason to doubt the stock market’s 2009 comeback. Buffett noted that the biggest gain the Dow had ever notched in the postwar period came in 1954 when, according to him, the unemployment numbers were dismal (although nowhere near as bad as today’s) until late in the year, when a rapid recovery began.”

via Ben Stein dines with Warren Buffett – Dec. 18, 2009.