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Warren Buffet ja rakkaus työhön

Rakastatko sinä työtäsi? Kuinka se näkyy?

“In a video interview posted on The Motley Fool, Warren Buffett talked about how he goes about finding and buying great companies run by great CEOs:

“I look into their eyes and try to figure out whether they love the money, or if they love the business…if they don’t love the business, I can’t put that [money] into it.”

Love and Warren Buffet — Steve Farber.

Työniloa eri työpaikoilla

Lähes kaikissa töissä voi olla iloinen, onnellinen. Onni ei kuitenkaan löydy joka kiven alta. Sinä olet sinä.

This doesn’t mean that YOU personally could be happy in any job. You need a job that lets you do what you do best. You also need to work in a company culture that fits well with who you are.

via Happiness at work.